Programming Schedule

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11:00 AM - Saturday Morning Cartoons

Hope you arrived to HCC in your footie pajamas with a bowl of cereal because it's time to sit down with Scott Innes, voice of Scooby-Doo; Marty Grabstein, voice of Courage the Cowardly Dog; and Guy Gilchrist, "Jim Henson's Cartoonist" for some Saturday Morning Cartoons!

12:00 PM - Cosplay Panel

Join Ithileryn Cosplay, Peaches n Pandas, Pirate4Hire, and Nana Cosplay and learn tips, tricks, and how to get started from the masters!

1:00 PM - C. Thomas Howell

A laid-back chat with actor, musician, and director C. Thomas Howell.

2:00 PM - Power Rangers

Go! Go! and get to this panel with Johnny Yong Bosch and Catherine Sutherland!

3:00 PM - Godzilla

Dive into one of the world's favorite Kaiju. Sit down with artist Matt Frank and cosplayer Robert Pruitt (Cosplay Odyssey) to see what it is about our beloved sometimes-destroyer, sometimes-protector, Godzilla.

4:00 PM - DragonBall Z Voice Actors

Join Josh Martin (Majin Buu and Kid Buu), Chris Rager (Mr. Satan), and Kara Edwards (Goten and Videl) as they talk about the world of DragonBall Z and beyond!

5:00 PM - Adult Cosplay Contest

Join us on the small stage as we see the best cosplay New Braunfels has to offer!

Panel Room B

12:00 PM - Clinton Hobart Drawing

Join Disney Artist, Clinton Hobart, as he chats with you and creates new images in front of your eyes!

1:00 PM - Indie Artists

Join Ben Dunn, Davy Jones, and Jerry Rascoe for a look at the comic book industry outside of the big labels. What's it like to create your own characters from start to finish? How to cultivate a fandom outside of a major label.

2:00 PM - Indie Writers

Indy producers are largely jacks-of-all-trades. Sit down with Matt Grant (Mattchee), Joe Khachadourian, and Terry Wagner to discuss the indy realm from the writer's perspective.

3:00 PM - Artist Panel

Join us for a sit-down discussion with working artists as they talk about their past, present, and future in the art world!

4:00 PM - Geek Trivia

Test your knowledge in Geek Trivia! Who will be the champion? We will have prizes on-hand from Collected, Freaky Findz, and T-Mobile!

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12:00 PM - Johnny Yong Bosch

Johnny is now well-known as a voice over artist, with roles on animes such as Vash the Stampede from Trigun, Ichigo Kurosaki on Beach, and many others. Join this panel to hear about all his experiences and find out what is up next for him!

1:00 PM - Jonathan Lipnicki

He started his career at a very young age, but now he is all grown up! Hear Jonathan Lipnicki speak about his latest projects.

2:00 PM - John Wesley Shipp

You know him as the original Scarlett Speedsetter, The Flash! Join John Wesley Shipp as he talks about his career and what is upcoming for him this year with the CW's The Flash and Stargirl appearances!

3:00 PM - Jonathan Joss

Join Jonathan Joss as he engages you in an intimate conversation, and there may be song involved as well!

4:00 PM - Kids Cosplay Contest

Join us on the small stage as we see adorable cosplay from our pint-sized contestants!

Panel Room B

11:00 AM - Tom Cook

A live demo sketch along with Tom Cook. He will walk through breaking in, process, and working on different series (animation). A step-by-step into the animation field.

12:00 PM - Female Powerhouse

A laid back conversation with women in the art and literary industries. What are some of hte challenges? What has the experience been like? Hear from the source how it is to traverse a historically male-driven industry. With Yvonne Sifuentes, Theresa Schlossberg, Eva Pohler, and PJ Hoover.

1:00 PM - Rockstars and Superstars: How Music Makes Comics and Comics Make Music

Learn how the comic book industry overlapped with the music industry in strange ways, how music has been depicted (and can be depicted) in sequential art, and how this affected depictions of race and gender in comics!

2:00 PM - Voice Over Class

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a voice over artist? Then join this panel to find out!

3:00 PM - Clinton Hobart Drawing

Join Disney Artist, Clinton Hobart, for a "fireside chat" comicon-style. He will be creating new art in front of your eyes while you engage in conversation!


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