*** NEW DATES March 5 & 6, 2022| Click here for more information ***


Cosplay Contests

Grab your costumes, build great props and make your favorite characters come to life on the Hill Country Comicon Stage! Take pictures as your greatest superhero and bring your magic to our new and improved cosplay contest with double the categories for double the fun! Register early to make sure you save your spot to compete against the best of the best and walk the stage!

Cosplay Contest: Showman and Craftsman levels for Adults



  • Minimum of 30% crafted. Costumes that are fully store bought will not be allowed to compete. As long as the contestant has crafted a prop, tailored the costume, made the costume, thrifted, 3D printed accessories, dyed fabric, etc. some portion of the costume, they will be allowed entry.
  • Please come prepared with photo/video evidence either printed or on a device showing the work put into the costume. If a work catalog is provided in print, it will be returned to the contestant after the competition is completed.
  • Sandbagging is not allowed; if the contestant has won a Beginner award at another competition, they must apply in the Intermediate/Advanced category.

Intermediate / Advanced:

  • Most of the costume should be made by the contestant.  Contestants are not expected to make unnecessary things from scratch such as shoes, craft wigs, make metal belt buckles, etc. but the more that is crafted from scratch, the more likely the contestant is to take home Best in Show.
  • Please provide files for the judges to review of your process either digitally or in print.
  • Work catalogs are required, either digitally or in print.
  • No sandbagging; if a costume has won Best in Show/1st in Master categories at any competition, do not enter that costume. You will be permitted to compete with a different costume.

Cosplay Contest: Showman and Craftsman levels for Kids



  • This category requires no crafting at all! Strut your stuff on stage and blow us all away!
  • No sandbagging: costumes that have won awards at any cosplay contest previously will not be permitted.


  • This category is for our parents and kids that like to craft! If a good portion of the costume is made, either painted, 3D printed, sewn, glued, etc. please enter here! We want to see your creativity shine!
  • No sandbagging: costumes that have won awards at any cosplay contest previously will not be permitted.