Jakku Temple - Saber Guild

Jakku Temple - Saber Guild

SABER GUILD is the largest not-for-profit, recognized Star Wars lightsaber performance group in the world and an LFL  recognized costumed lightsaber performance club. Jakku Temple serves Central Texas - Mainly serving the Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas. We enhance event experiences through the use of costumed lightsaber choreography to conduct our Interactive Jedi Experience, full stage performances, demos, and photo opportunities, at charity and local community events, as well as, pop culture conventions. We serve and raise awareness and donations for local charities, such as, but not limited to, The Texas Lions Camp and Make-a-Wish of Central and South Texas. Our mission is to raise and support Texas charities through our love of Star Wars. If you are interested in volunteering, joining in the fun, and learning more you can message the group on Facebook at or

Panels and Events:

Saturday 12:00   &    3:00    Sunday 12:00  and 3:00

Interactive Jedi Experience: An Interactive Show/Padawan Training. The Jedi of Jakku Temple are seeking younglings (ages 5-12) who are strong in the Force. Train with the Masters of Saber Guild: Jakku & Coruscant Temples to defend the galaxy and watch stories from Ancient Jedi Texts unfold before your eyes. Help protect ancient knowledge from falling into the hands of the Dark Side! Come be a part of our show! Children (and their parents) love our Interactive Jedi Experience / Padawan Training. It's fun, it's free, and it brings families back each year!

Saturday  1:00   Sunday   1:00

So You Want to Be a Jedi... or Sith:  Teens and Adults (13+). Come take a closer, behind-the-scenes look into our shows. Train with us in the basics of Saber Guild: Jakku  & Coruscant Temple's Lightsaber Choreography System and how we combine stage combat with cosplay costuming for our kids' show: an Interactive Jedi Experience. You too can be a Jedi... or a Sith and use your love of Star Wars for charity to give back to the community.

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